If the Plow Buddy is NOT what you are looking for, the we are sure to find another option with the following:

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Snow Plow Buddy – Driveway Snow Plow for SUV or Truck


Got more questions about our Snow Plow Buddy? Just give us a call 877-224-4899

Orders ship within 24 hours


  • Hooks up in seconds using your vehicle
  • No Frame Mounting Required
  • Full 8’ width moves snow quickly
  • Electric Actuator Lift
  • Operates from inside your warm vehicle via a wire-less remote control
  • Swivel for Angle Plowing
  • Easy Break Down for Summer Storage

Retail price of $1,999.00 our LOW price is listed at the top of this page

Shipping extra from Minnesota call for a price quote – 763-551-1441


visit our “REQUEST A SHIPPING QUOTE” Page: http://www.MyPlowBuddy.com

Shipping charges for the Snow Plow Buddy in the past, have ranged from $100 to $400 depending upond location.

The Snow Plow Buddy is shipped from Minnesota. We have them in stock and ready to ship within about 24hrs from when your order is posted. Transit times are typically 1 to 4 days. We can ship anywhere in the US or Canada.

The cheapest way to receive the Snow Plow Buddy is at a loading dock. If you are unable to make arrangements at a loading dock, a lift gate truck will be required and may cost an additional $100-$150

Why the big discount from the retail price of $2000.00? We have a limited number of Plow Buddy units that have some surface rust due to a moisture leak in the warehouse where these were stored. The units are new. They still have a 1 year manufacturers warranty.