Wave Armor – Modular Floating Docks 

The ultimate in modular floating docks, Wave Armor docks are built to last!.

Wave Armor Wave Docks are built to allow you to easily attach additional accessories and components such as: PWC Ports (Wave Port), Bumper Wheels, Horizontal Bumpers, Vertical Bumpers, Dock Ramp, Pipe Adapters, Post Attachments and many other accessories!

Our Wave Armor Wave Docks are truly one of a kind. Constructed of Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene with built-in UV Protection means your dock will last for years to come, without fading in the sun. Easy to install Proprietary H-Beam Channel Lock Connection System for hassle-free assembly/disassembly. Rugged, purpose-built floating dock sections with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior and bottom suctioning pockets that keeps your deck where it is supposed to be; flat on the water. In-mold fastener attachments spaced around perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.

This system is very customizable, so it requires you call for custom quote. We’ll work with you to take the measurements you are looking for and get you a custom quote that will be exactly like what you are wanting. Call 763-551-1441 for your custom quote.

Dock & Outdoor Benches

Wave Armor’s Universal Dock / Outdoor Benches are designed with both traditional and contemporary styling, embodying both strength and elegance. Constructed of Roto-Molded granite compounded polyethylene, and featuring molded-in beverage holders and anchoring areas, our Outdoor Benches make a welcomed addition to any dock, patio, or lawn.

Dock Bumper Wheel

Wave Armor Universal Dock Bumper Wheels are constructed of durable poly-vinyl material and provide superior strength with unmatched quality! The Dock Bumper Wheels simply slide over any galvanized dock post, protecting your boat and dock when entering or exiting.

Dock Cleats

Secure your watercraft to your Wave Dock System with our Wave Dock Deck Cleats. Cleats mount directly into integrated mounting inserts on both ends & sides of Wave Armor deck/float sections. Simple, and easy installation using the provided hardware.

Dock Storage Box with Lock

Wave Armor’s Lockable Dock Box is the perfect solution for waterfront storage by attaching to your dock system or placing on a patio or other outdoor area, allowing you to store your items with convenience and peace of mind.

Kayak / Canoe Rack

A sturdy and stylish way to store your kayaks or canoes near the water where you use them! The Wave Dock Kayak Rack attaches to the Wave Dock System utilizing the H-Beam Channel. Versions that attach to aluminum docks and freestanding options also available.

Kayak Assistant

The Wave Dock Kayak Assist is a mounted rail system that provides stability when launching or exiting kayaks and canoes. The Kayak Assist mounts directly to the Lower Step Down Section (Sold Separately) which connects to the Wave Dock System utilizing the H-Beam Channel.

Tiki Hut

Bring comfort and style to your outdoor space with the Wave Armor Tiki Hut! This beautiful stand-alone, Tiki Hut is sure to be enjoyed for countless hours of outdoor entertaining.

Bench Attachment

The Bench Attachment System allows the secure mounting of a Wave Armor Dock Bench (Sold Separately) to your Wave Dock System utilizing the H-Beam Channel system.

Bench Box

The Bench Attachment System allows the secure mounting of a Wave Armor Dock Bench (Sold Separately) to your Wave Dock System utilizing the H-Beam Channel system.

Dock Flower Pot

The New Wave Armor Flower Pot is a modern way to bring vibrant greenery and color to your dock, deck, or patio. Designed with the health of your plant in mind, the Wave Armor Flower Pot features a molded-in interior basin for less water maintenance.

Half Round Bolt-In Cap

Finish the look with these handy Bolt-In Caps for a sleek and seamless finish. Includes two (2) caps in Pebble Beach color.

Smart Step Kit

New Wave Armor Smart Step Kit features two RotoMolded steps and mounting plate that mounts easily to your dock over your anchoring pipe. These stackable steps allow for multiple steps to be added on to accommodate the height of any boat.

Dock Ladder

The Folding Dock Ladder integrates perfectly with the H-Beam Channels of the Wave Dock System. Ladder can be placed on either side or end of a Dock Section. Folds up and out of the water when not in use.

Post Cover

Two Inch Heritage Dock Post Covers are eloquently designed with molded-in through holes to accommodate rope styles up to 1 1/2″ in diameter. These dock post covers also feature a recessed pocket on top to secure a Wave Armor Solar Dock Light.

H Beam Dock Post

The 2″ Heritage Dock Post with H-Beam is strategically designed with a molded-in H-Beam for simple connection to the H-Beam channels on the Wave Dock System.

Hex Style Dock Post

Two inch hex style post covers are designed for a clean and minimal look.

Solar Dock Lights

Solar Dock Lights easily snap into the mounting pockets around the Wave Dock perimeter lighting up your walk way and creating an ambient evening look. Solar Dock Lights can also be utilized in the recessed pocket on top of the Heritage Dock Post Covers.

Traditional Dock Post Cover

Two inch traditional post cover is an innovative and stylish cover for dock posts.

Wave Armor Dock Bumpers

Protect your watercraft and your Wave Dock System with Wave Armor Polyethylene Bumpers. These bumpers secure directly into the Wave Dock H-Beam Channels and are constructed of polyethylene for an attractive and protective barrier between your dock system and watercraft.

Universal Dock Bumpers

Wave Armor makes a variety of dock bumpers that can be used with most types of docks from any brand.