Hulakai Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Excellent for any Minnesota lake; Minnetonka, Calhoun, Harriet, Lake of the Isles, Mille Lacs, White Bear Lake – you name it!

Our kit comes complete and includes: board, fins, deck pad, wooden paddle, leash, and a limited time offer: FREE $225 BOARD BAG!

What makes Hulakai boards special? Our boards are shaped, designed, ridden, and proven by Hawaiian waterman. Hulakai prides itself with original shapes we just dont copy the rest. A lot goes into making a great, stable, fun board such as width, thickness, rocker, nose, and tail shape. We take the best of all and put in into every board. You shouldn’t need to struggle on a SUP. Our boards are built for more than just a experienced, trained paddler. We specialize in boards for beginners, in all shapes and sizes, and our SILVER crowd!

If you’ve tried the rest it’s now time to try da BEST! And remember this aint no HPYE!

IN STOCK IN NEW HOPE MINNESOTA – a suburb just Northeast of Lake Minnetonka


Hulakai is founded by Jun a local waterman who was born and raised in Hawaii. His original Hawaiian designs are proven and tested in Hawaiian waters regullarly by him and the Hulakai crew . HIs vast water knowledge stems from decades of surfing , paddling, sailing, canoe surfing, sup, and running water safety patrol. If he’s not in the line up, or shaping his newest model, you can catch him giving lessons on SUP of the proper paddling technique @ the Mauna Lani Beach Hotel.

Hulakai constuction:
All boards are constucted of EPS closed cell foam which is hand shapped and hand layed finish with either standard epoxy or our upgraded Bullipoxy which is a clear lightweigh epoxy.

We have choosen to stay away from molding the boards and gone with hand shaped and hand layed epoxy. The reason for this is in our research and development . Our boards provide memory and flex like of a traditional style surfboard which gives the board a natural feel while paddling and surfing (especailly in choppy water). With a molded board there is no memory or flex and it leaves the board very rigid, and too boyant. On land lightness of a board is nice however in the water weight and flex are what makes the board come to life. This is known by all surfers and experienced waterman. We carry and stock 11′ 12′ and 13′ Hulakai Stand Up Paddle Boards