Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor and the PWC Hoist Motor  – Universal! Attaches to ANY 2 inch wheel!

The Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor and the PWC Hoist Motor can provide boat owners with more luxury than ever before. You no longer have to use a manual boat lift since this one is electric. It is easy to use and can attach to any boat lift that has a two inch wheel. It is able to lift up to 5,000 pounds. The motor and the durable weather resistant wheel do all of the work for you, which makes life a bit easier. Weeders Digest has sold hundreds of these motors and customer satisfaction is at an all time high. Make raising or lowering your boat easier and more enjoyable by using this Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor.


  • Fits any boat and pontoon lifts with a 2 inch wheel
  • Makes raising and lowering your lift effortless
  • Simple and easy to install and use
  • Use the switch or optional remote control
  • No longer have to worry about lifting or lowering your boat manually


  • Lifts up to 5000 lbs
  • All aluminum bracket and drive wheel
  • One year warranty
  • Includes the fittings, wiring harness, switch, circuit breaker, elastic strap and the easy to follow instructions
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes in DC 12V or AC 110V model

You can see it here:

This boat lift motor works well with freestanding boat lifts, pontoon lifts and some PWC lifts. Raise and lower your boat lift or hoist with the flip of a switch or using the optional remote.

The Lift Mate fits all boat lifts with a 2 inch wheels.

Some of the lift brands that the lift mate fits include: EZ-Roll, Feighner, Floe, Great Lakes, Harbor Master, Hewitt, Lake Shore, Newman Boat Launcher, NuCraft, Port-A-Lift, Reimann & Georger, Shore Master, Shore Mate, Shorestation by Midwest Industries Inc., Starr, Station Master, Triton/Aquamatic, Vibo, All Pontoon lifts and many others.

The Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor an PWC Hoist Motor provides you with an electric powered boat lift instead of having to use a manual one. The Lift Mate easily attaches to any boat lift with a 2 inch wheel and can lift up to 5,000 pounds. Save your muscles and have the motor do the work for you. This is always something that a lot of boaters have the most trouble with – now you do not have to. Weeders Digest has sold hundreds of these and have yet to hear from an unsatisfied customer. We often hear from customers that they just wish they knew about the lift mate years ago as it makes raising and lowering their boat or PWC so much more enjoyable – Make the switch today!