Renovate OTF, is on a dust-free, odorless, easy-to-apply granule. Remove unwanted weeds along shorelines, dock and swimming areas for one year or longer by spreading the granules over the weed infested areas. The granular formulation is effective at any water depth. Renovate OTF stays on target and eliminates unwanted lake weeds. Apply 2.5 to 5 pounds/ 1,000 square feet, using the higher rate where more weeds are present. For best results, make three equal applications 8 to 12 hours apart.

The first step in any successful application is determining the area to be treated in square feet. To determine the square footage of your treatment area, simply multiply length of the area by the width. Next calculate the amount of Renovate OTF to be used by referencing the chart on the product label.
Apply Renovate OTF uniformly over treatment site using waterproof gloves or a hand spreader in three equal applications 8-12 hours apart.

Example: 100 ft x 20 ft = 2,000 square feet
• Use a total of 5.5 pounds for a light infestation or 7.5 pounds for a heavy infestation in 2,000 square feet.
• Application 1: 2 pounds Renovate OTF
• Application 2: 2 pounds Renovate OTF
• Application 3: 1.5 pounds Renovate OTF

Helpful Tips:
-For best results, avoid disturbing the treated area for 24 hours after application.
-Apply when water is calm with minimal wave action.
-Don’t forget, you will increase your success by splitting your total application rate into three equal treatments applied 8-12 hours apart.

What Renovate OTF Controls

Renovate OTF, containing the active ingredient triclopyr, effectively controls aquatic weeds along shoreline, docks and swimming beaches…at any depth.
• Stays On Target in the target area, on the target plants!
• No Odor, No Dust, Longer-lasting control.