Mud & Muck Releasing & Sifting Shovel

These revolutionary and patented shovels are highly valued for their mud and muck releasing “hole” design, as well as their sifting capabilities. A superior tool when digging in mud, clay, and water saturated materials, but also ideal when sifting debris from sand, gravel, grain, sports field top dressing materials and prior to seeding and/or sod placement.

Popular within the landscaping and irrigation, park/sports turf maintenance, public works/utility and agricultural markets.

• 14 gauge tempered steel heads
• Thick-walled fiberglass handles
• 5” double dipped grip or 1 piece molded D-grip
• Solid fiberglass reinforcing core at head-to-handle connection
• Crimped collar and riveted head-to-handle connection
• Lightweight