Boat Lifts

You need a safe, durable boat lift to protect your boat. You also know how important it is to save money. Shoreline Cantilever Boat Lifts give you just what you need, a safe, durable and trouble-free cantilever boat lift system that won’t break the bank. When choosing a boat lift, consider the Shoreline Cantilever lineup first and last, you’ll be glad you did!

We can outfit shoreline cantilever boat lifts with a canopy frame and your choice of a gray or green vinyl cover, all at an affordable price!

ModelCapacityInside WidthOverall WidthCanopy
1055 SL1000 lbs.55"63"n/a
1284 SL1200 lbs.84"92"n/a
2096 SL2000 lbs.96"108"22' x 96"
25108 SL2500 lbs.108"120"22' x 108"
25120 SL2500 lbs.120"132"24' x 120"

Shoreline cantilever boat and PWC lifts from Weeders Digest are equipped and ready to protect your boat. Our cantilever boat lifts utilize an inherent mechanical advantage that makes them progressively easier to operate as you raise the lift this saves you time and strain on your back and arms.