Without question, our Floating Fountains are beautiful. If you’ve got a lake or pond, and you don’t have a fountain out there, you’re missing out many benefits.

Aside from the “cool” factor, fountains can be beneficial to fish too. If you get one that acts as an aerator, such as the one shown here, it will work to keep your pond water sparkling clean, and it will provide an oxygen rich environment for your koi or other fish.

The floating fountain here is one of several available from The Weeders Digest. Our fountain systems are made from high-density polyurethane and stainless steel, so they should last for many years of pond enjoyment.

The Weeders Digest offers floating fountains for any application. Whether you are looking to improve your water quality with an aerating fountain or just a beautiful eye popping water display. You will also enjoy the sound of the falling water.

Many of our customers thought fountains were just for ponds but when they added one to their lakefront; WOW. What an enjoyable addition – for many reasons!