Our new attachment is fully programmable to turn 180 or 360 degrees at a rotation speed of your choosing. You can set it to make a rotation in as few as 2 minutes or as long as 8 hours.

The motor runs on low voltage power so the operational costs are minimal.

Adding it to your current set up takes just a couple of minutes.

It comes with a full 3 year warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is addressing the OSCILLATOR ONLY as an attachment to the complete Dock Mount AquaBlaster. IF you are looking for the standard AquaBlaster then CLICK HERE

The cost? $449 plus free shipping if you order before February 8th on our pre-order offering. You can expect the unit to be delivered March 15th
This is a limited time offer.
We anticipate the price to be at least $500 plus shipping if you order in-season.

A bit spendy? It depends upon how you evaluate the benefit. But no matter what, that is what it took to develop a product that offered the reliability and dependability backed up with a 3 year warranty and make certain there are no 110 volt issues on the water and be certain that it is easy to install, well that took some real creative ingenuity.

As you condsider this option, please understand that when the AquaBlaster is blowing in a variety of directions, you will need to secure your unit to the dock much more than in the past. You will need to either secure this with bolts or use our new ratchet strap system. You need to protect your new investment and we have seen that the stress from a variety of directions will require extra precautions.